The location Suzi list - interesting and important points in south america.


Border crossings

AWA- the borders specified that are good for crossing " also with authorization " from the owner,
before you get the padron.

Please take in account that a foreigner cannot cross from Chile directly to Peru or bolivia with a
Chilean vehicle (that's the protocol, but some people do make it), The solution is crossing to
Argentina first and continuing from there.

Suzi updates this list on a monthly basis. Please update us if you had problems at any border
crossing point, or if you managed to cross through a "bad" border crossing point.

This list is only for leaving Chile. You can come back to Chile from any border crossing point.

Colchane (pisiga)
Pucon- mamuil Malal
Paso sico
Arica-tacna (sometimes people get lucky Last crossing 3.5.19)

Paso Jama 50% , AWA, last crossing 14.10.19
Agua negra (50% with some problems) 5.3.19
Paso chungara - tambo 50% 9.2.19
Paso pehuenche AWA
Paso bellavista 50%
Paso pichachen
Paso Dorotea 50%
Hua hum AWA
San Sebastián last succesful crossing 15.4.19 reported
Paso rodolfo roballos (next to cochrane) AWA
Paso carririne 50% - difficult road Argentinian side, fill up gasoline tank, water, and food.
Los libertadores (santiago-mendoza)awa 4.2.19
Paso icalma 25.1.19
Rio don Guillermo AWA 25.10.19
Cardenal samore AWA
Casas viejas 50%
Chile chico 50% AWA
Paso Ibanez/palvacini 50% awa
Paso san Francisco ( next to Copiapó) 50% last succesful crossing 5.8.19
Paso huemules- close to balmaceda
Paso hito cajon- next to san Pedro de atacama, Chile to Bolivia 50%, recommended only with
4x4 vehicles.
Paso de integración austral (next to Rio gallegos) 50% last succesful crossing 20.1.19
Argentina uruguay (entering uruguayBad:
Concordia - salto

San martin
Argentina Bolivia:
Villazon AWA

Recommended GPS Apps:

Mapfactor navigator
Maps me
And a paper map


Who to contact if something happens:
Anything regarding borders, paperwork, legal advice, police,trip planning and recommended
places to visit contact Noam - +56 9 7863 2832


Anything regarding spare parts, garages, car issues, selling the car, storing the car Contact
Daniel +569 5242 9634