2009 Toyota 4runner 4x4  

Distance: 143,000KM

Bed Platform

Ground Clearance: 23 cm

Seller's description:

Upcoming for sale: 2009 TOYOTA 4Runner
Expected sale date: middle to end of August
Location: Bogota, Colombia/ecuador
Price: $9,900

This car has served us as our home away from home, reliably and comfortably, while traveling all around South America for the last 4 months. The car runs great, well maintained, and has been serviced in accordance with the recommended schedule. It had no issues - zero.

* Year 2009
* Automatic transmission 
* 4000cc engine
* Odometer reading: 143,000km expected at time of sale
* Fuel: benzine 
* Rear wheel drive
* Chilean license plate (enables easy border-crossing all over South America)
* Car registration valid through April 23, 2020
* Car stereo system has BT connection
* Fuel consumption: 1/9 on roads, 1/8 on dirt roads

- Sealed roof box
- Folding bed
- Mattress, 2 sets of bed sheets, 2 pillows and 2 blankets
- Folding picnic table
- 2 folding chairs
- 10kg propane gas cylinder + two-burner stove
- 12v to 220v inverter
- Compressor

1. Windscreen for stove
2. All necessary camping cookware
3. LED rope light
4. 4 storage boxes
5. Cooler box
6. Folding field shower
7. Spare wheel
8. cables
9. 10m Extension cord

If reliability and quality are important to you TOYOTA is the right choice. Our car is roomy, has upholstery power seats and excellent air conditioner, which make for comfortable and enjoyable ride. Toyota’s known reliability will also give you a peace of mind anywhere you drive it. This car is ideal for people who look to embark on a trip of a life time to unique and remote places.

The sale transaction and the transfer of title will be done officially and orderly with the help of Suzy Santiago who is located in Santiago Chile.

For inquiries please contact us:
Uriah +972-527077678 
Shahaf +972-528487800