Dear Suzi Traveler, Congratulations for Buying a Vehicle ! 


Next steps:



All highways in Santiago are toll routes and you can get fines by driving them without a tag.


You can get a daily pass here : or at a copec gas station or at a servipag paying station. The daily pass is great because it also covers some toll routes outside of santiago. The daily pass also works in some tolls outside of Santiago, when you get to a peaje(payment stop before a toll route) try to go through the tag lane and see if the gate opens automatically. 


Other option is to get the electronic device put in the car, this can be paid online or at a servipag paying station or at the unimark(supermarket) automatic machine for paying bills. In order to not go on a toll route on the way to getting the tag, we recommend going there by Uber or taxi (take an uber to Sta María 5621 vitacura)  The Costanera Norte offices are located in the Copec gas station.  You will need your RUT and contract you received at the notary when buying the car.


Don’t forget to bring back the tag after selling the car or to buy a daily pass before coming back to santiago.


show them RUT and contract for owning the car.


International Insurance: 

After buying a car you can head to our office and have us get you the insurance online if your card works on the chilean webpay platform. 

you can also go physically to the insurance office:


(*only cars )Seguros Mapfre Chile | La Reina  Av. Príncipe de Gales 6760  La Reina, Región Metropolitana

ask for RCI insurance and indicate when you leave chile. 

Insurance costs around 25,000 for a month.

Notes: mapfre is an international company that can be found almost anywhere in chile and south america.


(Also for motorcycles) online via HDI seguros

Name of insurance is RCI - responsabilidad civil internacional


Motorhome insurance:


Who to contact if something happens:


Anything regarding borders, paperwork, legal advice, police,trip planning and recommended places to visit contact Noam - +56 9 7863 2832


Anything regarding spare parts, garages, car issues, selling the car, storing the car Contact Daniel +569 5242 9634