Mercedes Vito High Roof

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Home is everywhere.

12v cooler, solar panels, ,queen size bed, plenty of storage room.

vehicle specs:
  • Technical Details
    High-top 2011 Mercedes Benz Vito
    Turbo Diesel
    Manual 6-speed
    186,000 km
    2 passenger seats 

camper specs:
  • 2 solar panels (100W each) + deep cycle battery + charge controller + 250W inverter
    Bed size is 160cm x 190cm,
    12v 40-Liter refrigerator 
    2 adjustable ceiling-mounted lights
    2-burner gas stove and Chilean gas container (lasts about 2 months), there’s a pull-out platform in the back for outdoor cooking, and indoor cooking can be done on top of the back counter
    Table that is connected to the back counter and folds down when not in use
    Sink with a 20-Liter water container & electric pump & hose with a shower head for showers
    2 extra 10-Liter water jugs, which fit under the sink, and 2 extra 20-Liter jugs, which you can strap to the top of the car (total water storage for van is 80-Liters)
    20-Liter Jerry Can for extra fuel (mounted to the back door)
    2 rings on either side of the car and ratchet so you can fasten things to the top of the car
    Operable windows on the sliding door and opposite side
    Rear doors also have large windows
    Shelves on both sides of the van running the length of the cabin area for additional, easy-access storage
    Optimal storage (6 storage compartments, & room for 2 large bins in the back)
    Secure, hidden storage compartment under the bench/bed with latch for a lock
    New spare tire with a cover mounted under the van (includes the unique lever to lower and raise the tire)
    Guy wire behind the front seats to hang a curtain

Maintenance Since Purchase

January 2020

Installed 2 new operable side windows

Bought & installed a new car battery

Performed a full vehicle inspection through the Mercedes Benz Kaufmann dealership in Santiago

Conducted maintenance on the carburetor, injection system and filter

Replaced air filter, filter cartridge, fuel filter, 2 light bulbs for the rear lights, changed oil (Rimula r6 lm 10w-40)

Installed new Pioneer radio

February 2020

Installed 4 new brake pads, new service belt

Installed 4 new high-quality (Goodyear) tires and got a wheel re-alignment

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