FAQ When Buying a Car In Chile

July 20, 2017


Suzi Santiago

Question: How long does it takes till I recieve the Padron (ownership document)


It usually takes 14 days but can delay up to 21 days and if there are holidays or a strike it can even take more than that. 


Question: What is the minimum travel time recommended for buying a car instead of renting? 


We recommend at least 3 months, why? becuase it can take up to 21 days till you can leave Chile and becuase the buying proccess can take up to 2 weeks and becusae of the selling process, however if your car stands within our requierments you'll be able to let us sell it for you and save precious time. 


Question: What are the notary and SII fees for a RUT? 


Around 5,000


Question: What are the fees and taxes when purchasing the car? 


Taxes and notary fees usually cost between 90,000 - 150,000 depending on the value of the deal. 

1.5% of the declared deal goes to taxes and around 40,000 to notary fees, another 40,000 approx goes as payment to the Registro Civil. 


Question: How long does it takes to get a RUT number?


With our service it only takes less than 2 hours and no paperwork is needed to be filled by the client. 


Question: How much does a garage inspection costs?  


25,000 CLP.  There are places that charge 10,000 but do a very basic inspection and places that charge 40,000 and more for a very extensive inspection. The garage we use have the perfect balance between price and quality, time and availability. It's that kind of garage that will honestly tell you if a certain repair is not necessary even if they can make money out of it. 


Question: Will I be able to cross borders with the car/bike ?


Of course. We will get you all the paperwork necessary and guide you to cross at the fastest and easiest crossings. However, we have no control over a border crossing officer in a bad mood, there is a possibility that you will not always cross, if that happens we will try and speak with that officer or guide you to another crossing. 

Crossing from Chile to Peru is not possible for foreigners. It is recommended to go through Bolivia. We also recommend waiting in Chile for the Padron and only cross with the padron (you can travel inside Chile and obtain the padron at any Civil Registry). You will first need to cross to Argentina and from Argentina to the rest of the countries.

99.9% of our clients have crossed with a vehicle, to maximise the odds we provide our clients with a border list, route planning a notarized declaración jurada, autorización de viaje, copy of the border law and our live support and advice.


Question: How much do you charge for your services ? 


We charge 210,000 CLP for cars and 120,000 for bikes. 

With our service all you will need to worry about is the color of the vehicle. 


Question: How long does the whole process of RUT and buying a car takes?


This depends on many factors such as budget, expectations, Availability of cars in the market.  However, with a budget of between 3.500.000 - 6.500.000 and looking for a van/SUV  it should take around a week to a week and half. 


Question: I want to buy a car/van/4wd/4x4, what budget will I need? 


Between 3,500,000 to 7,000,000 CLP will be a good budget, also you should take into consideration additional costs such as repairs (200,000 - 700,000) maintenance along your trip and gasoline. Please review our "Car Finder Form" under the contact tab. 

gasoline consumption of most 4x4/vans is 10L - 14L to 100KM, gasoline price in Chile moves around 1USD for every liter. every 10,000KM should cost 1000 - 1400USD


On a tight budget we would recommend getting a sedan or hatchback car or a motorbike.


Question: Should I come back to Santiago in order to sell the car?



You might lose lots of the value trying to sell outside of Chile, not to mention its illegal since when exiting you sign a declaration that you will return the vehicle to Chile. 

Santiago has the biggest car market and also our help and clients who are looking for good cars.

We aim to buy and sell cars mostly within our network. 

If the vehicle you bought stantds with our requierments, we can save you precious time and sell the vehicle for you. 


Question: Can you give me a short overview about fixed monthly costs? 


Sleeping in the vehicle /tent/camping sites and mostly cooking your own food:
600-1000 $ per month

Sleeping in hostels and eating out:
1200-2000 $

That includes attractions, trekking, going out etc                        



Question: What sites do you recommend for finding cars?


We recommend Chileautos, Yapo and drivetheamericas although most cars have high milage on Drivetheamericas. We don't recommend websites such as vivastreet as they rely on the database from Chileautos/yapo and outdated/ sketchy. 

We also have a network of clients that buy/sell vehicles and dealerships that send us special offers. 


Question: Talking insurance and registration Are there different types of insurance and what's the difference?


There is SOAP which is the obligatory car insurance for a Chilean vehicle (third party). Then there is RCI which is an international insurance in order to cross borders with the Chilean vehicle. A high coverage insurance for theft and accidents is not something common around most travelers but can also be done at the insurance office we will send you to.

Question: How can I store my motorcycle/car in order to return and continue traveling?

First of all, never overstay your car's visa time, it can get confesticated when you try to leave the country with it (especially in Peru and Ecuador).

You can find underground parking spots for rent on Yapo(chile) and mercadolibre (all south america), we recommend renting in the rich and safer zones of the city. 

We also provide a storage service which depends on our availability, feel free to ask us !