These pumps are designed for use in motorhome or boats, yachts, camping etc.

Brand: Comet (German company)

Voltage: 12 Volts
Cable length: 1 m, coffee (+) and blue (-)
Flow rate: max. 20 Liters / min
Height that can reach the water: max. 11 m (1.1 bar)
Consumption: 38 - 45 Watt
Current: 3 - 4 Amperes
Diameter: 48 mm
Height: 123 mm

They can run dry up to 2 hours

Can be used for drinking water

The useful life is about 400 hours, they are not designed to run permanently every day.

CE certificate

Made in Germany.

Submersible Pump 12V 20L 45W 1,1bar 11m for mobile home, camping, boat