Volkswagen Transporter

W Transporter T5 HighRoof CamperVan 

* 2011 model TDI 1.9, Diesel
* ~161.000km
* The car is in good condition without any mechanical problems
*Maintenance done at 160.000km by Volkswagen (invoice)
*4 new tyres at 160k 

Price: 10,000,000 CLP

camper specs:

* 150W solar panel & 120Ah DC Gel Battery that has always been enough for us to charge 12V fridge, lights and all our cameras, phones and drones
* Highrooftop and spacious area
* Lots of cabinets , 4 wide under bed, 2 above bed, 2 deep above kitchen
* 1.90x1.60 mt size bed which can easily be converted in to two sides sofa
* Hanging table to work and for movie nights
* 12v water pump in kitchen that could be used as shower as well. 45 lt kitchen water tank / 20 lt drinking water bottle
* 2 gas stoves (along with one Chilean 5 kg & one Argentinian 10 kg bottle propane gas)
*  kitchen ware, tupperwear, bed cover&linen set, lever jack, car jack, wheel lock, fire extinguisher, jumper cable, two decathlone chairs, one foldable table, repair kits, Spare Tyre

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