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About US
And Buying a Car In Chile

I never recommend something to anyone before I tried it myself!

It all started in the summer of 2013, I wanted to do a long trip in south America. The thing is that I wanted to do it differently. To be able to reach places that most travelers don’t get to see. The second thing is that I wanted to take all my kitesurfing gear with me. So I realized that what I need is a car! But renting a car for more than a year is too expensive... So I had  to buy a car.


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There wasn’t too much information about travelling with a car through South America on the internet, so I did my own little research. I found out that Chile is probably the best country to buy the car and travel with it, and so I did. I got a 2005 used Suzuki grand vitara in Puerto montt. After getting all the equipment needed, maps, some maintenance and a food box, we were ready to start our adventure. Just me, suzi and the road.


How to get a RUT in Chile

going from the most southern point in south America which is Ushuaia, me, suzi, and lots of friends we picked up on the way went through Patagonia and the carretera austral, up all the way through Argentina and Chile, crossing to Bolivia, surviving the death road, to Peru, then Ecuador and crossing Colombia to the most northern part of south America. the adventure was about one year long ... in the end we came back to Santiago Chile and formed the center.



the is here to help the traveler who wants to do it differently. travel with a car, jeep, van, or bike.

That kind of an adventure is not for everyone! We are here for those who want to surf, kitesurf, windsurf, climb, jump and get to know this beautiful continent in a different way. At the center we offer a place to plan your trip, get all you need to travel with a vehicle, get the best tips and hit the road! We will keep and touch and support you online along the way, as we create a network of travelers that share information and experiences online and on the road. So if you think you are up for it, please feel free to contact us.  

The adventure begins here.




Founder of "SUZI".  

Cars/motorcycles/tanks mechanic and expert.

Creator of the bussiness model and concept of delivering services for travelers who want to travel with vehicles in south america. 

"Efficiency,practicality,proffesionalism and great service are my foundations"

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