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Buy a Car Full Service

Join the Suzi family and enjoy a carefree and peaceful travel experience. This service includes a RUT, car search - daily car options will be sent to you, 2 free mechanical inspections at our location, 3 license plate reports, unlimited advice from our car experts, price negotiation, title transfer, international insurance, trip route planning, list of borders and necessary documentation and information, obtaining the padron and sending it to you, support for as long as you own the vehicle, lower sales commissions, discounts on remote title transfer, discounts in the workshop, discounts on cars, discounts in the store.   225,000 CLP

Seaside Camping

Buy a Car Full Premium Service

A more personalized full service,
we will accompany you to see and inspect up to 5 cars anywhere within 5km radius from our office.
up to 5 carfact reports
private trip planning session
private title transfer.
325,000 CLP

Buy a Motorcycle Full  Service

This service includes the following: Routing number, help finding a reliable motorcycle: daily options, 3 mechanical inspections, unlimited advice, 3 plate number reports, price negotiation, title transfer, international insurance, trip planning, list of borders and documents necessary for borders. , live support for as long as you own the motorcycle, selling the motorcycle with our sales plans (priority to customers). 165.000 CLP
Cars Formation

Sell Your Vehicle

Don't want to spend 1 month in Santiago trying to sell your vehicle? Just leave your vehicle with us and let us take care of the sale. (motorcycle/cars/campervans)
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Long Term Parking

We can provide storage for your vehicle based on our availability. We charge 75000 CLP / p. Month or one or part of it and 20,000 CLP p. Month for a motorcycle.
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Remote RUT

We will get you a RUT number for buying a Chilean car without you being present in Chile.

120,000 CLP

Rut for Buying a Car

In less than 2 hours you will have a RUT to buy a car.

70,000 CLP
Route Planning

Border Crossing Package

his package includes: * 1 copy of the law that says you can leave Chile with a vehicle * declaración jurada (declaration that you will return in 6 months) * our list of good and bad borders (updated regularly) * real time support and border telephone advice, help with the transfer of car title (we are present at the transfer of title)

65,000 CLP
Steep Mountains

Remote Title Transfer

Do you want to sell your Chilean car in another country? this is the service for you. With the proper paperwork we can represent the buyer and seller in Chile and transfer the title while the seller and buyer are in another country (Colombia for example). Requirements: you must have the driving license up to date.