Full Service

Join the Suzi family and enjoy a carefree and peaceful travel experience. This service includes a RUT, car search - daily car options will be sent to you, 2 free mechanical inspections at our location, 3 license plate reports, unlimited advice from our car experts, price negotiation, title transfer, international insurance , travel planning, list of borders and necessary documentation and information, obtaining the registry and sending it, support for as long as you own the vehicle, lower sales commissions, discounts on remote title transfer, discounts in the workshop, discounts on cars, discounts in the store.

220,000 CLP

Motorcycle Full Service

This service includes the following: Routing number, help finding a reliable motorcycle: daily options, 3 mechanical inspections, unlimited advice, 3 plate number reports, price negotiation, title transfer, international insurance, trip planning, list of borders and documents necessary for borders. , live support for as long as you own the motorcycle, selling the motorcycle with our sales plans (priority to customers).

160,000 CLP

Overlanding Vehicle Adaptation Workshop

Add a bed platform, kitchen platform, or a complete conversion of your van.

Sell Your Car

Don't want to spend 1 month in Santiago trying to sell your vehicle? Just leave your vehicle with us and let us take care of the sale.

Sell your motorcycle

Premium Full Service

Everything from our full service but privately. Suzi's founder and auto expert (Daniel) will accompany you to view and inspect up to 5 cars and will be present at every garage inspection you perform. You will receive a private trip planning session just for you. up to 10 license plate number reports. We will accompany you to the insurance company or help you get it online. Suzi (Noam) founder and bureaucracy expert will be present at the title transfer,

370,000 CLP

Find a car service

With over 200 car purchases per season, we can use our vast experience to help you find the right car.

This service includes up to 3 reports showing ownership history, KM (false km verification) history, fines, and more.

2 free garage inspection at our location.

Daily car links and options will be sent to you.

We will schedule meetings with car dealers.

Negotiate the price.

Unlimited advice from our automotive experts.

You will receive support and advice for as long as you have the car.

135,000 CLP

Remote Title Transfer

Do you want to sell your Chilean car in another country? this is the service for you. With the proper paperwork we can represent the buyer and seller in Chile and transfer the title while the seller and buyer are in another country (Colombia for example). Requirements: you must have the driving license up to date.

310,000 CLP (270,000 for full service clients)

Remote RUT

Te conseguiremos un número de RUT sin que estés presente en Santiago.

120,000 CLP

Long Term Parking

We can provide storage for your vehicle based on our availability. We charge 75000 CLP / p. Month or one or part of it and 20,000 CLP p. Month for a motorcycle.


Only RUT

In less than 2 hours you will have a RUT to buy a car.

70,000 CLP

Border Crossing Package

This package includes: * 1 copy of the law that says you can leave Chile with a vehicle * notarized affidavit (declaration that you will return in 6 months) * our list of good and bad borders (updated regularly) * real time support and border telephone advice, help with the transfer of car title (we are present at the transfer of title)

60,000 CLP

Padron Service

If you need to cross into Argentina right after buying a car and from there you want to continue to Bolivia or Uruguay, this service is for you. You will need to provide us with a power of attorney to obtain the padrón (ownership document) in your name and you will also need a travel authorization to cross into Argentina. After 3 weeks, we will check if your pattern has arrived and we will send it to you. In this way you will not have to return to Chile to get the Register.

15,000 CLP

"NEW" - Instant car payment service

How it works: Pay by credit card and we will transfer the amount to the seller of the car at the time of title transfer.



Fast: pay and receive the car instantly, save money on waiting in Santiago until the bank transfer is settled.

Insurance - No need to wait without a car until the money reaches the seller and risk the seller using the car in the meantime.

It is not necessary to carry a lot of cash on the street or in the hotel.


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