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Buy a Car Service Premium 

This service includes: Free local SIM card, RUT number, Buy a car service - suitable car options will be sent to you. we will call and schedule car visits, 3 mechanical inspections at our garage + 2 inspections within radius of 5km from our office, up to 3 carfax reports,map with good and bad areas, blacklisted car dealerships list,unlimited advice from our car experts, price negotiation, quick and easy title transfer with no lines,help obtaining international insurance, Borders Package - our list of borders and necessary documentation and information,copy of the aduanas law, sending you the ownership document anywhere you are, support for as long as you own the vehicle,Sell Your Car - lower sales commissions and priority , discounts on remote title transfer, discounts in the campervan workshop, discounts on cars, discounts on products in our store. 
purchase the premium service in advance and receive the following: Remote RUT number,car search prior to your arrival,car inspections prior to your arrival,
 Fox Merchendise.

Price :370$ USD /$295,000 pesos price in other currencies may vary.

If you wish to pay in CLP currency just let us know

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Buy a Car Service Express 

Join the family and enjoy a carefree and peaceful travel experience. This service includes: Free local SIM card, RUT, car search - daily car options will be sent to you, we will call and schedule car visits for you, 3 mechanical inspections at our garage , 1 license plate report, unlimited advice from our car experts, price negotiation, title transfer, help with international insurance, , list of borders and necessary documentation and information, obtaining the padron and sending it to you, support for as long as you own the vehicle, lower sales commissions. Price: 240$ USD/$180,000 Pesos price in other currencies may vary.  


why choose us ? 

2 travelers on a motorcycle taking a selfie in the jungle

Buy a Motorcycle Full  Service

This service includes the following: RUT number, Buy a Motorcycle Service -  daily options, 2 mechanical inspections at our place , unlimited advice, 1 plate number reports, price negotiation, Border Crossing Package - title transfer, help obtaining international insurance, trip planning, list of borders and documents necessary for borders. , live support for as long as you own the motorcycle, Sell your Motorcycle with our sales plans (priority to customers). $152.000 CLP/$205USD price in other currencies may vary.

why choose us ? 
Cars Formation

Sell Your Vehicle

Don't want to spend 1 month in Santiago trying to sell your vehicle? Just leave your vehicle with us and let us take care of the sale. (motorcycle/cars/campervans)
Exterior of Modern Garage

Long Term Parking

We can provide storage for your vehicle based on our availability. We charge 75,000 CLP / p. Month or one or part of it and 25,000 CLP p. Month for a motorcycle.

Consult with us for payment options and availability.

Rut for Buying a Car

 (SII should finish processing within 5 business days)

60,000 CLP (chilean pesos)  or 90$USD forms of payment:

*transferwise,paypal or credit card at our office
* we are not resp
onsible for any delays of the SII office in processing the RUT
Route Planning

Border Crossing Package

This package includes: * 1 copy of the law that says you can leave Chile with a vehicle * declaración jurada (declaration that you will return in 6 months) * our list of good and bad borders (updated regularly) * real time support and border telephone advice, help with the transfer of car title (we are present at the transfer of title)

60,000 CLP (Chilean pesos)/80$ USD  forms of payment: *transferwise,paypal or credit card at our office

 Remote Find a Car 

El paquete definitivo que te permite comprar un auto y tener el título a tu nombre incluso antes de llegar a Chile.
Este paquete incluye:
*Número de RUT remoto
*3 Inspecciones mecánicas remotas hasta un radio de 10kms
*Transferencia de título remota
*1 mes de estacionamiento de larga duración
*5% de descuento en productos de la tienda y proyectos de conversión de camper.
*Todo, desde el nivel inferior, encuentre servicios de automóvil: tarjeta SIM gratuita, comisión reducida por la venta de su automóvil, todo el soporte y asesoramiento, envío del documento de título, etc.

Precio: 520.000 CLP (consulta con nosotros sobre formas de pago)

¿Quién debería comprar este servicio? : 1) te quedan al menos 2 meses o idealmente más para tu próximo viaje. 2) le gustaría conseguir un buen vehículo antes de la temporada alta. 3) no quieres perder 2 semanas en santiago 4) quieres poder cruzar a bolivia y perú durante el primer mes.

¿Interesado? envíanos un mensaje de whatsapp para hablar de todos los detalles y flujo de trabajo.

 Remote Title Transfer 

We can perform a title transfer without the physical presence of the buyer,seller or even with both being in seperate countries. 

Requierments for seller:  permiso de circulacion up to date.
Reuiqerments for buyer: RUT number. 

Time: signing the contract is quick and takes 1 hour. later it will take 6-8 weeks for the title to finish transferring. 

Cost: 220,000CLP/180,000CLP(premium service customer)


 Remote RUT number

If you are located in a different city/country and need a RUT number then this is the service for you. 

Requierments and time:  you will need an appointment with the chile embassy at your country.  the whole process may take 1 month (takes less time if you are in Chile). 

Cost : 120,000CLP


Remotely Buy + Camper Conversion

Cannot find the perfect van setup on the local market ? 
This service allow you to buy a car and have us do the camper conversion project for you and all before your arrival .  This service includes : remote RUT, vehicle search and inspections, us buying and holding the vehicle for you until your arrival.   (camper conversion project will be priced and discussed based on the vehicle and project. )

Price : 370,000 CLP 

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