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Remotely Buy a Car in Chile.

The ultimate service that allows you to buy a car in Chile and camperize it before even arriving to Chile.

In Suzi Santiago we like to make the impossible possible and thats why after years of requests from customers we have decided to launch this anticipated service that allows our customers to do everything they usually do with our service but without wasting time waiting in Santiago.   

Advantages: Save Time and hustle - no need to run around Santiago for 2 weeks in order to view cars and do notary bureaucratic procedures for RUT and title transfer.  Start your trip as soon as you arrive to Chile.

Save money on hotels, transportation and restaurants in Santiago, extremely useful for families with kids.

How does it works and whats included:

1) RUT - the first stage would be to get you a RUT number so you can buy a car, in order to do that remotely you will need to travel to the nearest Chilean Embassy in your country and make a document that allows us to get a RUT on your behalf.  send us this document using a reliable express mail company. 


2) In the meantime we will start searching for a vehicle for you just as we would do as if you were in Santiago, you will receive daily ads of cars filtered for your requirements, we will coordinate meetings and inspect them for you.  We will send you videos and photos of the vehicles we inspect and send you a mechanical report so you can decide if its the car for you.  


3) At this point you will need to travel again to the Chilean Embassy at your country and make another document that allows us to buy a car on your behalf.  Send us this document by express mail.  


4) Once we have all the right documents to buy the car and you are sure you want to buy the car we inspected earlier we will reserve the car and wait for you to send the payment for the car to us. then we will do a title transfer with the seller and locally transfer him the payment at the exact moment of signing the car over. 

5) Depending on your plan we will either park the car in our long term parking place or start working on the car for either a camper-van conversion, SUV kitchen/bed or even just mechanical service if necessary. 

6) You arrive to Chile, pick up your RUT and car keys and start your long term adventure.

If all of the above seems interesting and relevant please view this document:  Remote Full Service Terms and Procedures

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