Buying a Car in Chile

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Car's History check

With an experience of more than 400 car purchases and over 900 garage inspection, we can help you find the right vehicle. We provide each client with up to 3 free reports showing the history of technical revisions, fines,ownership history and yearly KM noted at the revision tecnica. If the vehicle seems ok we will schedule it for a garage inspection. 

Garage Inspection

Our garage will check for every detail from suspension,gear, leaks, steering,battery voltage and alternator charge, ECM faults,acidity of coolant and oil levels,belts,accidents,tires,and more.


*garage fees are not included in the service price*


Our help with buying a car includes sponsoring your RUT and helping with all paperwork needed such as ownership transferring, insurance and getting a toll routes solution as well as trip planning and tips, border list,support during your trip and selling the car for you.

*Don't forget to bring your international driving licence.

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