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Buying a Car in Chile

Car Buying Service

Our car buying service includes the following:

We will send you car ads that we searched and filtered based on your budget and needs

Once you decide on an ad, we will immediately schedule a visit or a mechanic inspection.

The service includes 3 mechanical inspections at our office or up to 5km distance from it.

You will receive up to 3 carfact plate number reports for legal aspects such as fines, altered KM, insurance problems and more.

We will negotiate the price of the deal 

We will coordinate the safest payment - car transfer process for our customer.

Price: 225,000 CLP

Oil for the Car

With over 200 car purchases and around 600 inspections per season since 2014 we have generated a vast experience in the process or buying a car in chile.  Allow us to use this experience and knowledge to make sure you find the best car deal for your specific needs.  Contact us if you wish to start the service or recieve more details.

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