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Full Service

Paperwork (Rut for buying a car)

paperwork: we cover all necessary paperwork starting with a RUT number, than we do an ownership transfer for foreigners and we take care of documents that will help in crossing borders. We also help with insurance and Santiago's electronic toll routes system. 

We work with the best notary in Santiago and our clients get prefered access, therefore our clients do not wait in lines.

Vehicle (Buying a car in Chile)

Buying a car in Chile just made very easy, using the suzisantiago full service you don't need to keep asking google how to buy a car in Chile.

With an experience of 200 car purchases and over 500 garage inspections every season , we can help you buy a car in Chile. Every day we will send you hand picked reliable car options we filtered for you, based on your budget and needs. Our team will schedule your visits and garage inspections for the cars you like.  We provide each client with 1 free garage inspection at our place and up to 3 plate number reports showing the history of technical revisions, fines,ownership history and yearly KM noted at the revision tecnica. only our full service clients can also take our mechanic with them to view and inspect cars for only 15,000 CLP per vehicle. 

Our mechanic will check for every detail from suspension,gear, leaks, steering,battery voltage and alternator charge, ECM faults,acidity of coolant and oil levels,belts,accidents,tires,and more.

Not buying a car from a local? 

Our clients receive a 30,000 discount and special prices on the cars that we sell. 

After the purchase (Cross borders with a Chilean Car)

After buying the car we will help you get an RCI international insurance for argentina and mercosur countries so you can cross borders and also a device for santiago's toll routes.


we will supply you with all necessary information in a trip planning session with our professional guide Noam. It will cover topics such as route planning, border crossings, places we recommend and places it is better to avoid. You will receive a border list and explanation about each border as they have different restrictions. We will help you get an international insurance and a toll route solution.

Our clients have easiest  experience while crossing borders with a chilean car, you can call us every time you get to a border crossing and need assistance.

NEW: we will get the padron for you and send it to you when you are in argentina 

Our clients receive a 5% discount in the shop and 10% in the workshop.

During your trip

After buying a car in Chile you will receive our full support during your overlanding trip.

We can send you to the right garages if you need maintenance, translate garage reports and check quotes you receive to make sure you're getting the right prices.


In case you got stuck with no brakes in Bolivia, got your car towed in Lima , got pulled over by a corrupt argentinian policeman, or just need a translation from the mechanic in Ecuador, we will provide you with the necessary support and information.

Sell your Car

After finishing your adventure you can just park your car at our place and let us take care of the sale process. , this can save you precious time from your trip . Our clients are prioritised and recieve discounts on our sale plans. We recommend having the car inspected at the garage and getting all paperwork sorted before the sale. 

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*any external fees such as insurance and taxes are not included.
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