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With this module you can power way more then just charging your phones,   this box can power basically anything up to 3000watt from 12v fridge, laptops, LED TV, Juicer, Tools, Stereo System,Lights, hair dryer, vaccum cleaner, microwave,projector etc... (notice high wattage electrodomestics can only run for a short amount of time)

Its portable and easy to use!  


Included in the package:  100AH deep cycle battery, 3000watts inverter pure sine, display panel for the voltage, 2 USB sockets, 12v socket, 220v socket, Battery seperator to protect the engine battery. 


the system charges when the car engine is running.   example: after a 4 hour drive you can run the alpicool c20 fridge for 3 days without having to turn on the engine again. 





$640,000 Regular Price
$608,000Sale Price
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