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Steps for selling your Chilean plated vehicle outside of Chile


Dear traveler!

In order to sell your vehicle outside of Chile we need 1 of the following documents to be up to date:

  1. “Permiso de circulación”

  2. “Revision tecnica” (and the “certificado de emisiones”- usually connected to the revision tecnica paper)

If one of these two documents is up to date, we can change the owner of the vehicle. if both of them are expired, the only way to change owners legally is by bringing the vehicle back to Chile. 


Stages for the process: 

  1. We will need the seller to send us a good scan (not taken with a smartphone for example) of the following documents:

  1. Revision tecnica+ certificado de emisiones

  2. Permiso de circulacion 

  3. Padron (certificado de inscripcion)

  4. Seguro obligatorio

  5. Seller - Rut document and passport

  6. Buyer- passport and email address, whatsapp number. 



  1. We will send the buyer a document allowing us to obtain a RUT number for him. The buyer will need to sign this document in a Chilean consulate or embassy (can be done anywhere in the world).  We will also need the buyer to make two paper copies of their passport and get them signed at the embassy or consulate of the origin of the passport (for example- French passport- French consulate). After getting these documents the buyer will send them to us  via express mail (DHL, UPS etc..).


  1. Once we get these documents (express mail usually takes 3-4 working days, we recommend DHL) we will obtain a RUT number for the buyer, and prepare the 5 power of attorneys and authorizations needed for the process. 

  2. We will send back by email these 5 documents, 2 of them will need to be signed by the buyer and 3 by the seller, at a Chilean consulate or embassy (usually buyer and seller will go together but it isn’t mandatory). Apart from that we will also need 2 copies of the passport of the seller signed at the embassy/consulate of the origin of the passport. 

  3. After signing these 5 documents and the copies please contact us, we will indicate which documents should stay with the buyer and which ones should be sent to us by express mail. 

  4. After sending the documents indicated back to us, we will be able to transfer ownership. 4-6 weeks after receiving the paperwork we will send the new certificate of inscription (padron) to the buyer as proof of ownership for him. 


  • Remember to ask for an appointment at a consulate/embassy before going there, usually you can’t just show up, you need to get an appointment.

  • Remember- the vehicle needs to leave the country before the TIP (temporary importation permit- usually 90 days) expires.  Failing to leave the country by that time might cause confiscation of the vehicle at the border. 

  • The buyer will be able to cross borders before receiving the new padron on his name. 

  • Costs:

  • Fee for suzi Santiago- 120,000 CLP- paid by buyer for getting him a RUT number. 190,000 CLP paid by seller for the whole selling process, extra taxes and fees for notaria for legalizing documents. 

  • 1.5% of the vehicles value (tasación- stated on the “permiso de circulación” document)- buyers tax- paid by the buyer. 40,000 CLP – notary and state fees paid for the sale.

  • In case the “permiso de circulacion” won't be up to date we will need to pay it, these costs will paid by the seller. 

  • We can receive payments via transferwise/swift bank transfer/moneygram. Payments should be done before stage 5 of the process. 

  • Trip support online is included for the new owner of the car while travelling in South America.

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