Remote title transfer

Documents you will need

1. photos of all of the vehicles documents. 2. photo of your passport. 3. photo of your rut document. 4. photo of the passport of the buyer.

important: you must have the permiso de circulación or revision tecnica up to date

Costs and fees

Costs and fees

our 310,000 clp fee includes the notaria and state fees in chile, you might have some fees at the chilean consulate when you sign the documents and the fees of DHL  or anyu express mail you choose to use in order to send the documents to chile. apart of that there is a 1.5% of buying tax (1.5% of the price of the vehicle) + 40,000 clp state tax,these should always be paid by the buyer.

The proccess

how does it work

The process takes about 7-8 days that you and the buyer will need to be in a city that has a Chilean consulate and a consulate of your passport's country (or an embassy). After that the seller can leave the country.


after we get these documents we will email to the buyer the papers for getting him the RUT number, ready to sign at the chilean consulate. the buyer will need to go to the chilean consulate and sign them there, after that send them to us via DHL. after obtaining his rut we will email you all of the documents we need for the transfer, these documents will need to be signed by you and the buyer at the chilean consulate, and sent to us via express mail.

5 weeks after receiving that mail we will email the padron *ownership document, to the buyer and the vehicle is his. we will also help you to give the buyer an authorization to cross borders until he receives the padron