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Thanks to our new service it is now possible to have a ready to go freshly built custom made campervan waiting for you so you can get off the plane and start your adventure right away!


What is included (all mentioned services are  in a remote format !) :


RUT NUMBER - a tax document required for buying a car in chile. 


Find a car - we will send you car ads and relevant options and also revise yours. We will schedule appointments and garage inspections (3 garage inspections for up to 5kms radius from our garage and 2 inspection in our garage)


We will negotiate the price and coordinate a title transfer.  A notary document will be emitted to concrete the sale and reserve the car while the seller is waiting for your payment via transferwise or that you pay using our payment services and then we will pay the seller. 


After purchasing the car we can do mechanical work on it if necessary and start the camper conversion work. You will have video meetings with our architect in order to make your desired design and give you a price quote.

5) Trip planning session by video call and access to our border list and resources.


6) Selling Your Vehicle After you finish traveling we can help you sell your car, all of our other services benefits apply to the remote service as well :  lower sale commissions and priority, 5% discount on camping products and on camper conversion quotes.


Price of the service:  445,000CLP (chilean pesos)


This service is ideal for big campervan projects that can take 2-3 months

It is recommended to buy this service at least 4 months in advance to your arrival time but even if you buy it later it can still save you a lot of time.

This service allows you to calmly find a low kms well maintained van and have it adapted to a camper without waiting in Santiago for 3 months.


Recommended budget ranges for this service: 


*Big  L3H3 Van (Sprinter or similar)  - around 30,000,000 CLP  (only for the van)

*Medium Van (Vw transporter or similar) - 12,000,000 - 20,000,000 CLP (only for the van)

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