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The Suzi dream.

I never recommend something to anyone before I tried it myself!

It all started in the summer of 2013, I wanted to do a long trip in south America and buy a car in Chile. The thing is that I wanted to do it differently. To be able to reach places that most travelers don’t get to see. The second thing is that I wanted to take all my kitesurfing gear with me. So I realized that what I need is to buy a car in Chile! But renting a car for more than a year is too expensive... So I had  to buy a car.


FAQ About Buying a Car in Chile

Question: How much does it costs to buy and sell a car?


700 USD - 1,500 USD usually (difference between buying to selling price),  it also depends on many factors such as the mechanical state of the car you bought, the km's you drove etc... 

Question: How long does it takes until I receive the Padron (ownership document)


It takes around 1 month but no worries, we will send it to you no matter where you are.   During the first month you can travel Chile and Argentina and once the padron arrives you can continue to Bolivia and Peru. 


Question: What is the minimum travel time recommended for buying a car instead of renting? 


We recommend at least 3 months.

Question: How to get a RUT for buying a car and how long does it takes?

Using our service it only takes 2 hours and no paperwork needs to be filled by our client, we can even get you the rut remotely if necessary (mostly not needed)


RUT for buying a car

We will get you a RUT in less than 2 hours

buy a car in chile

Trying to figure out how to buy a car in Chile? 

this service can save you lots of time and trouble.

cross from chile to argentina

Get our border list, recommended insurance and toll routes solutions.

easily cross borders with a car from Chile to Argentina

sell a car in Chile as a foreigner

Don't waste 1 month of your trip trying to sell your car, let Suzi do that for you.

Important Information

Read about how to cross borders with a Chilean car, how do you pay for a car you want to buy, how to register your foreign smartphone in Chile and more.


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First let me introduce Barney, he’s a racing green American Astrovan with a four litre engine, a penchant for speed and a horn that can rival the rudest of South American sirens.

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