sell your car

All 3 plans do not require you to wait in Chile. 

Only title transfer

Lower commission but you'll have to rent parking and post the car.

Suzi will only do the title transfer once you've found buyers.

use this to find parking (


4% Commission (2% for Suzi clients)


Car ad will be put on our website (if the car is within our standards) ads will be posted on chileautos, yapo and many facebook groups, we will show the car to interested buyers and maintain it clean and presentable.we will pass the revision tecnica if necessary (it will be deducted from the sale).

Car will be parked on the street or at a parking spot you've rented.


7% Commission (5% for Suzi clients)


Car ad will be put first on our website (if the car is within our standards) 

ads will be posted on chileautos (premium ad), yapo and more than 100 facebook groups, The car will be on display in our office to all the clients that arrive , we will wash it every day, we will update the paperwork if necessary (it will be deducted from the sale).

Car will always be parked inside our place. 

*This program is not available during low season.


9% Commission (8% for Suzi Clients)