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Sell a Car in Chile

Don't want to spend 2 weeks or more from your trip trying to sell your car?


Our new service allows you to enjoy your vacation time to the fullest.


How does it works:


1) Give us a poder (power of attorney) to sell your car on your behalf


2) Choose a sale plan and sign our sale contract

3) Deliver your car clean and ready for sale.

4) We will post ads and show your car.  once it is sold we will send you the payment via the AFEX money transfer service.




Car needs to be checked by our mechanics.

Car has chilean plates, paperwork to date and no major fines.


Price can't exceed your buying price and should be 10% lower or more depending on the KM you've added and current state of the vehicle 


This service also depends on our availability and parking spots. 

If you are interested contact us via: or via the website's contact form.


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