Dear Traveler:

Congratulation for completing your trip!

We provide sale plans that can be viewed here: Sell Your Car

Here are the steps in order to sell your vehicle with us:

  1. Poder - poder is a power of attorney that will give us a permission to sell the car in your behalf. Please coordinate a time with us to go together to the notary and get the poder,  you will need to bring your passport, RUT and around 7,000 (in cash) for notary fees.

3) The car must be cleaned from the outside and inside ideally at a commercial place


4) Make sure the revision tecnica and permiso de circulación are up to date.


5) Do not forget to return the TAG to its company, you can ask us for the location. (you can pay its balance on the costanera norte website or physically at "servipag" stations)



6) Read and sign our contract, don't forget to deliver us the keys and the poder.

7) once the car is sold we will ask you for your international transfer details (swift/iban) , we deliver the money using AFEX money transfer service.

Have a safe flight ! we will let you know once the car is sold !