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Dear Traveler:

Congratulation for completing your trip!

Our motorcycle commission plan can be viewed here:

Sell Your Motorcycle

Here are the steps in order to sell your bike with Suzi:


  1. 1.Schedule a meeting and have us checking your bike.  if its carbureted please have it cleaned.  we recommend delivering the bike with fresh high octane gasoline (south america gasoline has ethanol which brakes and causes the bike to not start after some time not being used)  we recommend changing the air filter and spark plugs as well for smoother start in case motorcycle will not be started for a long time. 

  2. Poder - poder is a power of attorney that will give us a permission to sell the motorcycle on your behalf.  coordinate with us to go get the podere with you. bring your rut and passport to the notary + around 7,000 pesos for notary fees.

3) Please deliver the bike clean.


4) Make sure the revision tecnica and permiso de circulacion are up to date Make sure you have no fines.


5) Do Not Forget To Return The TAG to its company, you can ask us where. (pay it first at servipag or internet)


6) Read and sign our contract, deliver us the keys and the poder.

Have a safe flight !  we will let you know once the bike is sold !

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