How to sell your Chilean plated car

So you bought a great car using our service and you're reaching to the end of your trip and now you're thinking about trying to sell the car on your own, maybe before arriving to Santiago Here's what you need to know: The obvious: get the car cleaned from inside and outside, put a black scent tree in the car with a "new car smell". Make sure your permiso de circulacion is up to date and you have no fines - you can check for registered fines at Where to sell: If you sell your car to a local Chilean citizen, this can be done at the registro civil , but if you sell to another foreigner it can only be done at a notary. Docume

How to keep your car alive and save lots of money while traveling on wheels.

Many costly things can happen when driving lots of kilometers and regularly going on dirt roads. Based on what i've seen from other travelers and also my personal travel experience, I have gathered some tips and advices, and by doing these simple checks you can actually prevent major damage to the vehicle and save a whole lot of money, time and sweat that can be channeled to more fun things. Check fluid levels and their quality: This is one of the most important things to check. Start from the engine oil, only check it when the engine is cold (levels are higher when hot) and car is placed on a leveled ground. Monitor the levels every 1-3 days to make sure there's no loss of oil probably due

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