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How to sell your Chilean plated car

So you bought a great car using our service and you're reaching to the end of your trip and now you're thinking about trying to sell the car on your own, maybe before arriving to Santiago Here's what you need to know:

The obvious: get the car cleaned from inside and outside, put a black scent tree in the car with a "new car smell". Make sure your permiso de circulacion is up to date and you have no fines - you can check for registered fines at

Where to sell: If you sell your car to a local Chilean citizen, this can be done at the registro civil , but if you sell to another foreigner it can only be done at a notary.

Documents you will need: in order to sell your car you will need your RUT, up to date permiso de circulación and 2 certificates which you must get at exact day of the sale.

1) Registro de multas - must get at the day of the sale, shows there are no fines on the vehicle. can be obtained from a registro civil.

2) Anotaciones vigente - Can be up to 15 days older from the date selling, this document shows the ownership history of the car. can be obtained from a registro civil.

To obtain the certificates from the registro civil you will need your RUT.

If you sell to a local we recommend getting paid before doing the title transfer.

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