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How Do you Pay for a Vehicle in Chile (All Options)

So you've found the car you want to buy and now you're thinking about how to transfer money overseas? here we will cover all forms of payment and their advantages/disadvantages.

Western Union/AFEX:

Pros: fastest, cash that can be paid at the time of transfer (safer)

cons: the most expansive around 300$, limited for 5000$ each transfer, walking around with cash is not safe, they don't always have all the cash in one place.

Bank transfer:

pros: you don't have to walk around with cash, less fees from western union.

cons: very slow (3 - 10 days), you can pay at the same time of buying, need to wait for the money to show in the seller's account (less safe)


pros: easiest, cash can be paid at the time of buying (safer)

cons: can be very slow as most people are limited for 200,000 a day, some atms have high commisions (you should use banco international,banco secuirity and scotiabank.

Alternative money transfer services: - small world

Pros: lower fees, easy transfer

Cons: you should check which service suits you best, can be slow sometimes.

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